About Darrell Hawley

Darrell Hawley is an experienced Leader and Software Developer with a track record of success. During his career, not only has he developed software, he has also led teams, developed roadmaps, and guided business leaders to success.

Darrell ultimate goal is to create value - both value for the company and their end users. To accomplish this, he engages his clients and their customers to learn their vision, then helps them further refine it throughout the course of the project. At the core of all successful software projects, there is a process of identifying and sharing that vision. Once that vision is established, he can confidently begin implementing the software having full confidence that he's creating the "right thing." Darrell prides himself on delivering quality software that's done right the first time.

Darrell has worked within multiple industries developing code in multiple technologies including Python, Java, Clojure, Ruby, JavaScript, and .NET to name a few. He received the “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award” in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Based on both experience and passion for creating solutions, he is delighted to work with visionaries to help them shape their idea, their product and their business.


 My Core Values

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Self-awareness is at the core of self-improvement. There just can't be a will to be better, but there must be a willingness to reflect upon and critique your actions. To be sure, that won't be easy. But developing a plan for self improvement and then executing upon it pays in the long-run.

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When you build transparency into your actions and relationships, you not only build trust but you hold yourself to a higher standard. When you are willing to show others who you are and what you do, you take the time to do things right and to carefully consider your actions.

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No matter how you attempt to improve yourself or how transparently you act, without genuine sincerity none of it matters. In the end, our relationships are what make us successful. We're social beings and, thus, the relationships we cultivate are our vehicle to a healthy and balanced life.

Outstanding Personal Integrity, Great Collaborator, and Profound Commitment to Excellence are phrases that comes to mind when I think about Darrell.