Software Development and Leadership

Developing software products is not easy. It takes leadership, process, and technical knowledge. Without anyone of those, the road to success become murky. This is where Darrell really provides value. His unique background allows him to give good business advice when it's required, lead a team of developers when that's needed, and write code when stuff needs to get done.

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All successful software projects need a leader who understands what both the developers and the business needs. This person is the CTO, and though this may not be a formal role within your company, somebody needs to provide this service. Using his deep knowledge of business and software development, Darrell can provide this service when you need it most.

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Process gives rhythm to your software projects. The developers always know what to do and what is expected and the client is clear on the developers are doing. Good process gives confidence and promotes collaboration. Darrell provides this through Agile Methodologies.

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Python, .NET, Java, JavaScript, Angular, React, TDD. There are a dizzying number of technologies and techniques in use today. Keeping up can be tough, especially when you consider that developers need a deep understanding of your business. This is why it's important to think of software development as a learning activity. Darrell's extensive background in multiple technologies as well as his proven ability to learn make him an ideal addition to your team. 

Darrell rocks! He supported our team in the fall of 2016 with a software development project and coaching around our Agile project management techniques. Darrell listened, asked questions, posed ideas and then implemented the results. Several fast iterations later, we had a product we were proud of and some insight on our own practices.